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StepNorth was created as a social network in 2005.

In 2011 we evolved into Internet Radio Station WSNR.US.

By 2012 we rolled out our 1st mobile application for smartphones and tablet devices.

In 2014 we expanded our capacities by developing StepNorth Go, a more robust mobile application adding three additional stations to our portfolio and our new mobile application StepNorth Go. StepNorth Go has many additional features including the capacity to host hundreds of digital stations.

In 2016 we implemented major upgrades by purchasing a customized dedicated server with the capacity to stream audio, video with the capacity to host thousands of digital audio and video stations with the ability to provide live, remote, audio / video digital broadcasting in real time,                                                    on demand and pay per view via the StepNorth Brand.


StepNorth Media today is one of the world’s most innovative media companies in digital media broadcasting by consistently investing in and implementing emerging technologies which have led to the growth of our capacities and digital footprint.

These digital products help to create the ultimate engaging interactive entertainment experience via audio, video, and social media integration which has expanded StepNorth Media's portfolio adding Broadcasting Services to our portfolio specializing in online and mobile services, live remote broadcasts, program syndication, media representation, and portfolio management services.


With the advent of new properties, platforms, and opportunities, StepNorth Media will continue to be a leader in creative, dynamic and innovative technology service providers.